Franklin College student launches cycling scheme to help reduce carbon emissions

Franklin College student launches cycling scheme to help reduce carbon emissions

Franklin College student Alfie Nelson has launched a scheme to encourage other students to cycle more to and from college.

He set up the ‘Green Franklin’ scheme after being inspired by two of the most prominent environmental figures, Greta Thunberg and David Attenborough.

Alfie said: “I thought with campaigns from key individuals such as Greta Thunberg and David Attenborough, we could do more as a college to reduce the emission levels we all produce getting to and from the college.

“As our college is based fairly local to the town centre and with several students already using a bike as their mode of transport, then why not encourage them to continue their efforts as well as encouraging others to join them?

“I do think that it is important for students to partake in this opportunity, as it is not only good for the environment due to zero carbon emissions, but also for the mind and physical fitness of students,” he added.

Students participating in the project map their journey to and from college on the Strava app. Through this, a leaderboard is automatically created so students can see which of them has cycled the furthest distance within the allotted time frame.

“We have created a flyer to be handed out to students which we will also be attaching to the bikes within the bike shelter on the college grounds. This means that we are targeting an audience who already cycle to college.

“This flyer contains all of the competition details as well as the prizes which are up for grabs for students to win if they achieve a placement in the top six student cyclists.”

Those students in the top six will win a share of £120 – £40 for first place, £30 for second place, £20 for third place, and £10 each for the remaining three.

“It is providing a reason to get out in the fresh air after being locked up for so long throughout lockdown as well as helping to improve their physical fitness,” Alfie said.

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