One-way Lakeside system scrapped

One-way Lakeside system scrapped

One-way Lakeside system scrapped

Following a number of complaints, the new one way system at Doncaster’s Lakeside is to be scrapped just days after being introduced.

The spot has become increasingly popular over lockdown, which resulted in parts of the path being sealed off last year.

Last week, Doncaster Council installed signs instructing walkers to follow a one way route around the lake in order to maintain social distancing measures and reduce the risk of coronavirus infection.

Locals immediately branded the scheme as ‘stupid’, but the authority defended the decision.

Doncaster Council’s Director of Economy and Environment, Dan Swaine, said:

“The paths around the lake are narrow in some places and so to make it easier for people to navigate their way round and be able to continue social distancing we have installed a one way system around the lake, which will be a monitored and reviewed.

“Our aim is to help people to enjoy Doncaster’s beauty spots as safely as possible.”

One local resident responded saying:

“I will be going the way I’ve always gone, what a ridiculous idea.”

“Complete waste of money and stupid idea,” added another.
“I’m on there daily with my dog and daughter and there many elderly people who use small sections of the lake to walk a little then turn back because they are unable to walk all way round.”

The council has now confirmed that it has been abandoned.

Today, in a social media thread, Doncaster Council said:

“Last weekend we installed a temporary one way system at Lakeside.

“Whilst the system was welcomed by some, we had quite a few of our residents contact us to say they were concerned, in particular about the distance required to walk between entrance and exits for people who don’t have the ability to walk far and people who use part of the lake as a short cut for commuting to and from work.

“We have reviewed this further, along with Public Heath advice, and we’ve now made the decision to remove it.

“Whilst the risk of transmitting Covid outside remains low, we still advise people to be careful in busy areas, particularly ‘pinch points’ around the lake where the paths are narrow and at busy times such as over the weekend.

“Please enjoy Doncaster’s beauty spots and stay safe.”


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