Council give advice on how to look after Cleethorpes this bank holiday weekend


Council give advice on how to look after Cleethorpes this bank holiday weekend

North East Lincolnshire Council has issued advice to the public on how to look after Cleethorpes this bank holiday weekend.

This comes after several photographs were shared to social media showing litter and broken bottles scattered throughout the resort at the end of March.

As a result, 35 fines of £100 each were issued to members of the public by enforcement officers.

Litter in Cleethorpes

A North East Lincolnshire Council spokesperson said: “Put litter in the bin or take it home. There are more than 60 bins along the promenade and our regular patrols are out. If you are found littering, you face a £100 fine.

“Drop your plastic bottles in Hammy the Haddock or use one of the many recycling bins along the promenade. Check you are putting the right things in the right bin.

“The council’s street cleansing and resort teams work hard to maintain Cleethorpes beach and keep it as clean of possible for everyone to enjoy. A daily clean of the beach starts at 6am with the street cleansing team and takes place from Wonderland in the north, right through to Pleasure Island in the south of the resort, making sure all bins are emptied and picking up litter during the day.

“The beach is also raked daily to prevent litter being drawn back into the Humber. If it is too busy to continue raking, staff will park up and litter pick instead. Help them out this bank holiday.

“We really don’t want to see the kind of mess we witnessed a few weeks ago in Cleethorpes.

“It is everyone’s responsibility to look after their own litter. There are more than 60 litter bins along Cleethorpes Promenade – including new sets of extra-large bins just a few steps from the beach and Ross Castle. Please use them and if a bin is full, then take your rubbish home with you.

“Staff work hard to keep the resort safe, clean and litter free. Let’s make it stay that way by the end of the day.”

The council are also reminding visitors to Cleethorpes that dogs are banned from the beach between Wonderland and Cleethorpes Leisure Centre until 30 September. Anyone found to be walking their dog in this area faces a £100 fine.

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