Deadly cladding still used for new buildings four years after Grenfell tragedy

Deadly cladding is still being used for new buildings four years after Grenfell tragedy.

At least 163 high-risk projects have started construction, including schools and hospitals, since the 2017 tragedy which claimed 72 lives.

Paul Afshar, of the End Our Cladding campaign, said: “Developers are still putting up dodgy buildings with flammable cladding. Kids, the ill and vulnerable people are having their lives put at risk.”

The group has vowed to continue opposing the reforms, tweeting “We have the right to be angry. But the fight isn’t over yet”.

Shadow Housing Secretary Thangam Debonnaire added: “The Conservatives are giving builders the green light to put profit before lives.”

On Wednesday, MPs voted to remove changes to the Fire Safety Bill, despite a rebellion by 32 Conservatives.

Many homeowners are facing financial ruin with crippling bills to make homes safe in wake of Grenfell tragedy.

When the Bill then returned to the House of Lords, attempts to reinsert the changes were defeated by 242 votes to 153.

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It is due to become law later on Thursday.

It aims to toughen safety rules after 72 died in the 2017 Grenfell tower fire, in west London.

The new legislation modifies a previous law to clarify that building owners must manage and reduce the risk of fire in their properties.

The government was under pressure to get it passed before the end of the parliamentary session on Thursday.

Thousands of leaseholders are currently facing large bills to pay for safety measures, including fire breaks, new balconies, safer doors and sprinkler systems.



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