Reece Davis, 23, sentenced to 15 months after making cruel racist remarks

Reece Davis

Reece Davis, 23, sentenced to 15 months after making cruel racist remarks

Reece Davis, 23, was today sentenced at Grimsby Crown Court to 15 months imprisonment for witness intimidation and racially aggravated harassment.

On 17 June last year whilst under the influence of alcohol, Davis arrived at the complainant’s home, entering in the middle of the night and grabbing him by the throat.

Davis believed the complainant had made a complaint against him in relation to a separate incident.

His Honour Judge M Bury told the defendant: “That is quite serious, going into someone’s home in the middle of the night uninvited throwing your weight around.”

Davis left the premises and returned with two men, finding the front door locked. He banged on the door demanding entry, punched the window, and threatened the complainant.

“When it was pointed out to you that your behaviour was embarrassing and you should leave, you turned on them and used the N-word,” the judge told Davis.

“Everyone knows that word is off limits and should never be used. That behaviour in a civilised society is not tolerated and there should be a custodial sentence for it.”

When Humberside Police officers arrived, the defendant fled the scene. He was subsequently arrested and interviewed, but claimed he knew nothing about the incident.

He later pled guilty.

Charlotte Baines, defending Davis, told the court: “He’s undertaken an alcohol awareness course in custody. He’s realised he needs to change his ways and has recognised that alcohol for him has been an issue in the past and led him to behave in a way that has brought him before the courts. He’s motivated to stay out of trouble in the future.

“He wants to be, as he put it, a family man. He wishes freely to express remorse. He is sorry for the way he conducted himself on the night in question. He knows his behaviour was appalling.”

Judge M Bury continued: “The underlying offence for using abusive language with the intent to distress or alarm, if you take away the racial aspect would not be serious enough to be locked up for. It’s the particularly offensive words you use that gets you into prison for it.”

He sentenced Davis to 15 months imprisonment – 12 months for witness intimidation and 3 months for racially aggravated harassment.

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