MP hints at Humber Bridge footpath reopening

Date confirmed for Humber Bridge footpath reopening

MP hints at Humber Bridge footpath reopening

Emma Hardy, MP for Hull West and Hessle, has issued an update on the situation at the Humber Bridge, hinting at plans to reopen the footpaths in the near future.

In a statement released yesterday evening, she said:

“The Bridge Board are working really hard.
“I can’t say too much but watch this space for news on the walkway reopening for commuters asap.”

The immediate and indefinite closure was announced last month after a number of people sadly decided to end their lives at the bridge.

A spokesperson called the ‘unprecedented’ increase “unlike anything we have previously dealt with”.

Reactions to the decision have varied, with many saying that the move is long overdue, or that more permanent preventative measures are needed.

But the board have defended the decision, stating that “closing the footways is the most immediate and effective way to prevent further incidents of this nature.”

“We are considering a range of measures to ensure the situation can be effectively managed once the footways fully reopen,” a spokesperson added.

According to Ms Hardy, work is currently underway to improve safety measures at the Humber Bridge.
A new Information and Wellbeing Hub, known as the Hub, is being established to provide information, support and signposting to the public.
This will be jointly led by mental health charities Mind and the Bearded Fishermen.
Additional CCTV cameras have also been installed.
It is reported that over 100 local cyclists have already registered as commuters to use the Humber Bridge, after it was confirmed that they would be required to submit an email application before they could cross.
“Work looking at barriers is still ongoing but of course takes much longer to develop,” said Emma Hardy.
She added that “the Bridge Board do see it as important.”