Line of Duty fans hope for series 7 as H is revealed

Line of Duty fans hope for series 7 as many described the final of season 6 ‘a disappointment’.

Millions reacted to the BBC1 cop thriller after finding out the identity of “The Fourth Man” – the double dealing policeman who AC-12 have been hunting for years.

The ‘bent copper’ turned out to be bungling Det Supt Ian Buckells.

But people at home were stunned by the outcome, with one writing on Twitter: “I can’t lie i didn’t expect ‘H’ to go out like this ( if that’s him ). We need more please #LineofDuty.”

Buckells was exposed as the fourth man after DI Matthew ‘Dot’ Cottan, Senior Legal Counsel Gill Biggeloe, and ACC Derek Hilton were revealed to be the other three in charge.

Seemingly inept and not exactly crime boss material, Buckells admitted to working for the OCG, but he claimed he only “passed things on” and insisted it was the OCD who did all the dirty work.

He sneered to AC-12 that he had “made total mugs out of you lot”.

During the suspenseful interrogation by Hastings, he tried to secure himself immunity and witness protection, but realised it was one or the other, with the furious AC-12 team not willing to budge and let him off.

Det Supt Ian Buckells, BBC

‘Jesus, Mary, Joseph and the wee donkey’

“It’s me you’re going to need protection from!” raged Ted.

After replying “no comment” to every question put to him by AC-12, Buckells finally cracked when Ted called him a “blundering fool”.

If Buckells is telling the truth about only assisting the OCG but not being in charge, is there still another bent copper out there pulling all the strings?

Martin Compston, who plays DS Steve Arnott, revealed: “The genuine answer is we don’t know, but that’s nothing different.

“Every series, Jed takes a couple of months off after it and there’s stuff that’s way above my pay grade in terms of the data and analytics that comes in.

“There’s all this stuff now with 28-day figures because you’ve got streaming and so on. He likes to sit down in the cold light of day, take the emotion out of it and look at it then.

“I will say for sure that we won’t come back just for the sake of it. We’ll only come back if he believes there’s a story to be told and there’s more legs in it,” he added, on the BBC’s The Afternoon Show podcast.

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