Six people handed hefty fines for fly-tipping in Hull

Six people handed hefty fines for fly-tipping in Hull

Six people handed hefty fines for fly-tipping in Hull

At least six people have been handed hefty fines after they were caught fly-tipping in Hull.

Claire Robinson of August Road, Liverpool, was fined £572 after her waste was found illegally dumped in Castlehill Road.

The incident was witnessed and reported by a Hull resident in July 2019.

They confirmed they had seen a vehicle arrive in the area before the driver exited and opened the doors and boot of the car, before discarding waste including a box and several bags within a nearby drain.

Another woman was fined £826 for fly-tipping after a mobile CCTV camera caught Carly Seymour of Redbourne Street dumping her waste in Sefton Street.

Michael Hewson of Quillcourt, Hull, was also convicted and ordered to pay just over £1,000 for fly-tipping in his local area in September 2019.

He was caught on CCTV, which can be seen here:

Doug Sharp, head of waste management at Hull City Council, said:

“Our environmental officers have worked hard throughout the pandemic to continue to investigate incidents of fly-tipping throughout Hull and will continue to deal with any offenders proactively in collaboration with partner agencies.

“We want to remind people that they are responsible for their own waste. In Miss Robinson’s case, she allowed someone to use her vehicle during the offence, which resulted in her being fined.”

Andrew Bowes of Wellsted Street, Hull, was also prosecuted.

He was ordered to pay £688 after he was caught fly-tipping household waste in Wellsted Street, Hull.

Lewis Appleby was convicted and ordered to pay £484 after CCTV footage caught him dumping landscape gardening materials in Alfred Street, Hull.

Watch the CCTV footage here:

Jonas Smith of Bankside Park, Bankside, Hull, was prosecuted and ordered to pay £474 after he was caught unloading household waste from a vehicle in Bedford Street.

All six cases were heard at Hull Magistrates Court earlier this year.

To ensure waste is not fly-tipped, residents are advised to dispose and recycle household waste through regular kerbside collections, or to contact Hull City Council to dispose of bulky waste.

Local waste and recycling sites remain open, subject to social distancing rules.

If you use a contractor, you should always ask to see a waste carrier’s licence, avoid paying cash and always ask for a receipt.

“If prices seems too good to be true, they probably are,” added a council spokesperson.

If waste is subsequently found fly-tipped, the resident could be fined or face prosecution

Residents can report fly-tipping by calling 01482 300300 or visiting the Hull City Council website, or visit the council’s Caught On Camera webpage to identify those caught illegally dumping waste.

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