Thursday: new dating app only works on one day of the week

New dating app only works on one day of the week – you guessed it – a Thursday!

Anyone who’s tried online dating for more than a few weeks will know it can be a major drain on time and energy. Even keeping up with the latest dating trends can feel exhausting. So, in a strange way, there’s something appealing about a new dating app that only works one day a week.
It’s called Thursday because it lies dormant for six days a week until Thursday. Then each week at 00.01, it will come alive, allowing you to match and chat with fellow users for the next 24 hours. At midnight, all matches and chats will be wiped, meaning you’ll have to start again next week if you haven’t met anyone you like.
The aim, according to the app’s creators, is to encourage spontaneity and cut down on the endless small talk that can define the dating app experience.

Thursday launches on 6th May across London and New York, and according to the app, over 110,000 users have already signed up.

A statement for the app reads: “Aware of the indecisive nature of millennial Brits, and born from the belief that people are spending too much time on dating apps, this launch is set to carve new waves in the dating world by only being live on one day of the week, Thursdays.”

The idea of the app, the creators say, is to “get you off tech” – especially at a time when we’re realising our mental health is so linked to technology use, and a fatigue when it comes to staring at screens.

No need to worry about catfishing either, as all users are verified before joining by uploading either their passport or driving license.

The app is set to roll out to Manchester, Birmingham, Cardiff, Liverpool, Glasgow, and Dublin later in May.

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