Improved home birth bags for Scunthorpe and Grimsby

The improved home birth bags for Scunthorpe and Grimsby have been welcomed by midwives and expectant parents in the area.

Midwives at Grimsby and Scunthorpe can now use improved home birth bags thanks to a donation by the Humber Coast and Vale Local Maternity System.

The bags are much more user-friendly with separate compartments, meaning mothers will have a better experience.

The Local Maternity System (LMS) is a partnership of organisations, women and their families working together to deliver improvements in local maternity services.

Around 700,000 babies are born every year!

Humber and Vale Maternity Image

In March 2015, Simon Stevens, Chief Executive of NHS England announced a major review of maternity services as part of the NHS Five Year Forward View.

Simon Stevens, the Chief Executive of NHS England, said: “The independent review finds that quality and safety of NHS maternity services has improved substantially over the past decade, and most new mums tell us they are looked after well. But it rightly argues that the NHS could and should raise its game on personalised support for parents and their babies, better team working, better use of technology, and more joined up maternity and mental health services.”

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