North East Lincolnshire Council election results announced

North East Lincolnshire Council election results announced

North East Lincolnshire Council election results announced

The results of this year’s North East Lincolnshire Council election have been counted and announced at Grimsby Auditorium.

Ballot boxes arrived for verification and counting yesterday evening, immediately after poling stations closed.

The verification process began at around 9am this morning.

Counting began at 12:30pm.

The live results are as follows:

Conservatives have gained the Yarborough ward seat with Martyn Sandford elected.

Conservatives have gained the South ward seat with Paul Batson elected.

Conservatives have gained the Freshney ward seat with Tanya Brasted elected.

Conservatives have gained the Heneage ward seat with Mark Smith elected.

Conservatives gained the Sidney Sussex ward seat with Brian Robinson elected.

Conversative hold the Haverstoe ward seat with Bill Parkinson re-elected.

Count staff are now taking a break.

Counting will resume at 3pm.

Count has now resumed.

Conservatives gain Croft Baker ward seat with Graham David Reynolds elected.

Conservatives gain Immingham ward seat with Georgia Astbury elected.

Conservatives hold Humberston and New Waltham ward seat with Hayden Dawkins elected.

Conservatives gain Park ward seat with Daniel Westcott elected.

Liberal Democrats hold two East Marsh ward seats with Kay Rudd re-elected until 2024 and Nicola Aisthorpe elected until 2023.

Conservatives hold Scartho ward seats with Ron Shepherd re-elected and Charlotte Croft elected.

This year, the election was held for one Councillor in North East Lincolnshire Council for the Croft Baker, Freshney, Haverstoe, Heneage, Humberston and New Waltham, Immingham, Park, Sidney Sussex, South, and Yarborough wards.

The Scartho and East Marsh wards will each have two councillors elected.

There were no NELC elections in the Waltham, West Marsh and Wolds Wards.

The turnout of the Ward Councillor elections in North East Lincolnshire is 24.9%.

This year, 99,231 people were eligible to vote.

This figure includes 15,429 voters who have chosen to vote by post, and 83,802 eligible to vote at polling stations.

The results of the Humberside Police and Crime Commissioner election will be counted tomorrow, Saturday 8 May.

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