A new motorway sign is causing quite the confusion

A new motorway sign is causing quite the confusion in Scunthorpe!

It appears that a new sign has emerged, where the recent roundabout has been put in.

The £4.5 million junction aims to ease traffic congestion into and out of Scunthorpe.

The planning application which was given the green light in 2016 which is now near in completion.

A new sign can be seen as you approach the round about reading ‘A1077 (m)’

Many local residents have questioned the new signage which previous read ‘M181’

One resident wrote ‘Excellent. Got to love a random new, er, old motorway appearing. What a peculiar thing to do!’

Another added ’15 years without a 4 digit Ax(M) motorway. 15 YEARS!’

While another said ‘If I’m honest I think this is one of the best thing to have happened to our motorway network in recent history!’

North Lincolnshire Council have been contacted for comment.

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