Owner’s confusion as cat keeps bringing back doormats

Sully the cat

Owner’s confusion as cat keeps bringing back doormats

We’ve all heard of cats bringing back little gifts for their owners every now and then – but a Grimsby cat has taken it one step further.

18-month old Sully of Peaksfield Avenue has taken to retrieving neighbour’s doormats and bringing them to her bewildered owner, who claims she has “no idea” why this is happening.

Shelly Crofts said: “The first one appeared just before Christmas. It was outside the gate and I just presumed it must have been windy through the night and it had blown over.

“I didn’t think for one minute that it would’ve been the cat, but she has brought half a dozen live mice, a live bird and even a birds’ nest through the cat flap before.

It took a few weeks before Shelly realised that the wind, or even a fox, wasn’t the culprit for the doormat being in her garden.

“It was a few weeks later and my husband told me that Sully dragged the mat into the living room and was fighting with it. We put the mat back in the kitchen and she dragged it through again. We realised there and then that that was how the mat first appeared.”

It wasn’t long before Sully returned with another doormat.

“Just the other week she brought another one home. We’d literally just walked in the house and two minutes later she appeared in the garden with another doormat.

“I feel quite sorry for whoever is buying these doormats. I’ve put the second mat in the cupboard so if I find out who they belong to I can give them the second mat!”

Like butter wouldn’t melt – Sully as a kitten

Shelly has taken to social media to try and find who the doormats belong to, writing on the DN32 Crimewatch page: “I’m trying to locate where my cat keeps pinching doormats from – somewhere in the Peaksfield Avenue and Torrington Street area.

“I’m very sorry to whoever she’s stealing them from. This is the second one she’s brought home. I’d like to return it or reimburse the owner of said doormats.

“I’m very sorry that my cat is a genuine cat burglar, but she really does love doormats.

“If they’re your mats, please do get in touch. I’ve had stern words with her but don’t think it will do any good.”

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