Bottesford author and illustrator self publishes children’s books!

Tracey from Bottesford has self published children’s books through lockdown and is launching another new book tomorrow!

Tracey said ‘I’ve always drawn since a young age. I illustrated my first book for my son when he was younger on A3 paper called Wheelie because he loved cars. Through lockdown my shop closed due to the pandemic, like for many. So I took to illustrating and I then started researching into self publishing Wheelie which I made for my son. I never thought it would take off like it has!’


She added ‘I then went onto write Ollie: A busy day for my daughter as she loves cats. I am also launching a new book tomorrow which is based on my daughter and dog called Stitch and Ruby which I am really excited about. It is available to pre order on Kindle and will be available to purchase on Amazon alongside the other two books’

Written in rhyme for younger readers and illustrated with bright and colourful pictures, it ‘s hard not to fall in love with the books.

Ollie: A busy day

Tracey went onto say ‘I keep a notebook at the side of my bedside to make notes in the middle of the night – my mind is constantly thinking about what could come next. My aim is for little ones yo enjoy my books and learn from them. I am excited what’s to come. You may see Wheelie, Ollie, Stitch and Ruby make another appearance soon! I also have plans to introduce some new characters into my books so keep an eye out.’

Stitch and Ruby launches tomorrow!

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