Deer tragically drowns after getting stuck on sandbank in Cleethorpes

Deer drowns in Cleethorpes

Deer tragically drowns after getting stuck on sandbank in Cleethorpes

A deer has tragically drowned after it became stuck on a sandbank in Cleethorpes yesterday evening.

At around 7.30pm last night, voluntary organisation Cleethorpes Wildlife Rescue received a call from a member of the public who was concerned about the deer.

A post from Cleethorpes Wildlife Rescue on Facebook reads: “We had got all of our water waders ready and were driving to the scene. At this point, we were on the phone to the Coastguard who directed us to wait at the Coastguard station for further instruction.”

Fifteen minutes later, the team got a call back from the Coastguard who said that they were “unable to assist” and “would not be tasking any crew” to help with the situation.

At this point, crowds of people had gathered at the scene who watched in horror as the tide came in.

“Another call was made to the Coastguard explaining that at one point this deer was physically stuck and that it had used all its energy swimming to “safety” to then also get stuck in the sand. Our rescuer Linda has done wildlife rescue for over 40 years and tried to explain that this deer was too exhausted and really needed help to get it back,” the post continues.

“The Coastguard replied that “they’re good swimmers” (which they are when not already exhausted) and that the sandbank would not be covered by the tide.”

By 8pm, more services had been called by both the voluntary organisation and members of the public, but were “unable to attend” as the calls did not come from a mainstream charity.

Half an hour later, the sandbank was getting noticeably smaller. Once again, the team tried to make contact with the relevant services, but were refused help.

Reportedly, the Coastguard hung up the phone on concerned members of the public.

Deer drowns in Cleethorpes

“For the next hour we made over 50 phone calls to anyone who may be able to assist in the wildlife world. Many put forward their offer of assistance but we sadly did not have access to a boat.

“Every avenue of help was called, every idea people sent in was explored. No one would come out.”

At 9.30pm, the crowds had lost sight of the deer after the sandbank was covered by the tide.

The post by Cleethorpes Wildlife Rescue concludes: “Due to high tide and strong currents we do not believe that with the level of exhaustion, it would have been able to swim the long distance needed to make it back to shore.

“Trust us when we say… we’re heartbroken. We’re still here trying to take in the sadness of the call. No animal should be left to suffer and if we had the ability, we would have been over there. We came out, we were the only service that did!

“A very sad night and we know all our followers share in our sadness. Stay safe, all!”

Cleethorpes Coastguard has been approached for comment.

You can donate to Cleethorpes Wildlife Rescue to help them continue with their amazing services here.

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