Scunthorpe Palestine peaceful protest

A peaceful protest took place today showing solidarity and support with the Palestinian people in Scunthorpe.

The Scunthorpe community gathered today to show unity opposing against the violent conflict between Palestine and the state of Israel.

The ceasefire is all the more reason to keep protesting as it will go off the news completely, but the violence continues.

Protestors say this is the time to grab the momentum, grab the moment & make sure that we don’t stop until Palestine is free.

Talks took place while people in union chanted ‘free, free Palestine and held handmade placards and flags.

One speaker said ‘we the good people of this locality, we the good people of the human race cannot, stand here and be blind to this’.

Generations young and old came together to make their voices heard.

Thousands of protesters also gathered in central London yesterday as a show of solidarity.

Organisers estimated that more than 180,000 people were in Hyde Park for pro-Palestinian protests on Saturday.

More protests are taking place nationwide today.


Images: JAW Media/Manoury Media





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