New Bridgit Care trial ‘The Home Hub’ to help people check-in with loved ones

New Bridgit Care trial ‘The Home Hub’ to help people check-in with loved ones.

Residents in North Lincolnshire are being invited to register for a new trial that brings peace of mind to those worried about an elderly loved one living alone.

The Home Hub, developed by local company Bridgit Care, offers an innovative new way for family members to stay connected.

Whether you are at home, at work or on the move, you will be able to check-in on your loved one, receiving all important reassurances at your convenience.

A spokesperson for Bridgit Care said “We’re helping people in the UK stay in their own homes for as long as possible. We are inviting residents of York, Sheffield and North Lincs to take part in a trial of the Bridgit Home Hub that we think it will help.

Bridgit Care

“The Bridgit Home Hub helps you live more independently and safely in your own home. We are asking people like you to test the Bridgit Home Hub for 3 months.At the end of the trial, we will ask you how it made a difference in your life.”

In a further boost, the Home Hub doesn’t need access to WiFi or an internet connection to work.

  • Monitoring the home environment
  • Monitoring physical health
  • Monitoring their feelings & mental health
  • Scheduling appointments
  • Setting alerts & medication reminders
  • Sending text messages for simple responses

The free trial is backed by NHS England, SBRI and North Lincolnshire Council, who are passionately committed to ensuring those in need stay safe and well, living independently in their own homes.

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