Scunthorpe man completes couch to half marathon through lockdown

Scunthorpe man completes couch to half marathon through lockdown

Jamie Morgan (31) has lost five stone and has run a half marathon in a bid to raise awareness for the Mental Health Foundation.

Through lockdown Jamie recognised that he needed to get fit and so last year make changes for himself by doing the Couch to 5K.

Jamie said “I never really took exercising seriously before in my life, when I think back, I was overweight and severely lacked fitness. My diet was pretty poor in comparison to where I am now and I have changed myself for the better.”

He added “at first it was extremely difficult, I had to build up my fitness and slowly worked my way up.”

After losing a friend to mental health, Jamie looked at his own personal circumstances and challenged himself to look at his diet and fitness and combine this with raising funds for charity.



“I wanted to challenge myself further and ran the Boston half marathon for mental health foundation at the weekend, in memory of my friend who passed away. I am hoping more people can be trained up to be in these places of help and support, so for anyone out there struggling can feel like they can talk to someone, when they are feeling down and need some help.”

“I want to inspire people on the same path as mine to encourage people it is possible and also spread awareness of mental health.

“The event was well organised, the atmosphere was great behind the race and the volunteers encouraged us to keep going. I found the second half of the run extremely difficult, the weather was so warm, but I didn’t want to be defeated!

I have currently raised £1,510 and still people keep sponsoring me – I am so pleased that I am raising awareness and thank people so much for their support

I joined an online social group ‘Our House Family’ who have been so supportive. Thanks to Dale and all my online family. I hoping to meet everyone in person next month and celebrate my achievement.

I already have Luton half marathon October 31st and I am running for Endometriosis charity which is also close to my heart.

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