Scunthorpe dog owners told to keep alert of male acting suspicious

Scunthorpe dog owners told to keep alert after male reported acting suspicious.

Humberside Police released a statement yesterday saying ‘just to make the residents of Rowland road area aware that tonight a log has been reported to Police of a male acting suspicious – looking in gardens and marking the walls of these properties with chalk.
‘The occupants of numerous properties have been spoken to and each one that has been marked with chalk had dogs, with most properties displaying signage similar to “beware of the dog”.’

This is a classic method dog thieves will use to mark or ‘tag’ a property that has a dog.

According to one animal charity, 465 dogs were reported stolen in 2020, compared to 172 the previous year.
Residents are advised to do the following:
▪︎ Check your properties for any graffiti and if you notice any marks take a picture of it before you wash it off as this could assist with investigations.
▪︎ If possible remove any signage that could indicate you have pets.
▪︎ Don’t leave your dog in the garden unattended.
▪︎ Report anyone acting suspicious because we will act upon this – try and get a description or if it is safe to do so a picture to assist with any investigations.

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