Boris Johnson is holding a press conference after talks at the G7 summit

Boris Johnson is holding a press conference after talks at the G7 summit.

The G7 is an organisation made up of the world’s seven largest so-called advanced economies

They are the UK, US, Canada, Japan, France, Germany and Italy – but the EU and some other countries are at the summit too

Speaking at his news conference, Boris Johnson begins by joking that he is disappointed the England football team cannot watch the press conference live. (They kicked off their Euro 2020 opening match a few minutes prior).

He says the world is looking to the G7 leaders to move beyond the sometimes “nationalistic” and selfish initial responses to the pandemic

He says this weekend, leaders have pledged over one billion doses of the vaccines to poorer countries – either directly or via the Covax sharing scheme – including 100 million from the UK

Kevin Lamarque/Pool via Reuters

It’s “another big step towards vaccinating the world,” Johnson adds.

Climate targets were at the top of today’s agenda as the leaders set out plans to cut carbon emissions and restore biodiversity

The Prime Minister also addresses climate change saying “We were clear this weekend that action needs to start with us”.

G7 countries account for 20% of global carbon emissions, says Boris Johnson.

Although it’s fantastic every G7 country has pledged to wipe out its contributions to climate change, they need to make sure they’re doing that as fast as they can and help developing countries do the same he states.

Before going to the media, the prime minister thanks local police and others who helped organise the Cornwall summit.

Boris Johnson thanks “all the wonderful people of Cornwall for their hospitality” and makes a joke about the food leaders dined on while in Carbis Bay, following last night’s beach barbecue.

“It’s been a fantastic summit and I know all the other delegations would want to express their thanks,” he adds.

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