Prevention to Intervention supporting local people

Prevention to Intervention supporting local people.

Prevention to Intervention is a local mental health support service which helps people dealing with many aspects of mental health from depression and anxiety to low self esteem, trauma and beyond.

Founder of Prevention to Intervention, Pete Lambert said: “Throughout lockdown we have continued to support people via phone, Zoom and in person on a 1 to 1 basis. Many support services stopped doing face-to-face but we knew the importance of how lifesaving this can be.

“I have over 14 years experience working in NHS Mental Health Services, supporting people from all walks of life. The pandemic has been a challenging time for all ages – we have supported children as young as 5 and our oldest service user recently was 87 who was a past veteran.

“After any referral we aim to ring people after two days and be sure to see them within a fortnight from the referral. We know how important it is when people are in crisis to get the support they need at the earliest availability”.



Prevention to Intervention also attend schools and colleges in the area to support students and staff.

Pete and the team understand that sometimes it’s difficult to just sit and talk so they created Sport and Talk.

Pete added: “The service is aimed to encourage people open up and reduce the stigma around mental health.”

There are also drop in Tuesday’s at Heslam Park on Ashby Road for men and women to talk. The HOPE program is a safe non judgmental place for people to be able talk.

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