Anti-social behaviour reported to North East Lincolnshire Council leads to court case

Anti-social behaviour reported to North East Lincolnshire Council leads to court case

In another incident of anti-social behaviour reported to North East Lincolnshire council, a nuisance neighbour has pleaded guilty to causing alarm and distress to local residents by shouting and swearing.

The man, who is not being named, had been reported by two neighbours in October 2020.

A council anti-social behaviour co-ordinator attended his address to warn him about his behaviour, telling him that if it continued he would be served a Community Protection Notice which could result in a fine and possible court action.

The defendant said he was in his own flat and he could say and do what he wants.

In a witness statement, one of the neighbours said: “I can say that the actions, words and behaviour directed at my family has caused us harassment, alarm and great distress. We moved to this address in a lovely area of town to have a peaceful family life. The actions and words from [the defendant] is shattering our dream and has left my son who is four years of age frightened in his own bedroom. He has been wetting the bed recently which is all down to the bad man next door.”

Another neighbour said: “I find it very worrying and stressful to the point where I don’t want to be in my own home.”

Further complaints of shouting and swearing were made in November 2020.

The same anti-social behaviour co-ordinator attended, this time alongside a police constable who later arrested the defendant for shouting, swearing and threatening to burn down his flat.

A Community Protection Notice being served on 8 January 2021 after further complaints were made.

The notice served stated:

  • You must not shout loudly or swear loudly within your flat at such a level as would be audible to anyone outside your own flat.
  • You must not, at any time, act in such a manner as would be likely to cause harassment, alarm or distress to any other resident or neighbours where you reside. This would include at any time and any place away from your residence.

Further complaints from two neighbours were made once again, which resulted in a letter and fixed penalty notice being served for the offence of breaching the requirements of the Community Protection Notice.

This was served on 26 January and gave the individual 14 days to make payment to avoid court action.

The defendant attended Grimsby Magistrates’ Court on 14 May 2021 and pleaded guilty to breaching the requirements of the Community Protection Notice as he failed to pay the fixed penalty within 14 days.

He was fined £120 and ordered to pay a victim surcharge of £34 and costs of £200.


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