Weather warning issued across UK after heatwave

Weather warning issued across UK after heatwave

Scorching heatwaves are set to continue today across the UK, but thunderstorms will return.

The Met Office says the mercury is expected to push 30C across southern and western England.

Cambridge and Essex were hit by torrential downpours yesterday, while some people spotted huge hailstones in Milton Keynes.

The mercury topped 32.2C at Heathrow Airport on Tuesday, making it the hottest day of the year so far.

The previous high came just a few days earlier on Sunday, when temperatures peaked at 31.6C in west London.

The first ever amber warning for extreme heat was issued by the Met Office and remains in place for much of the country.

Wales and central and southern England’s warning will last until midnight on Thursday, while Northern Ireland is on alert until Friday.

Scattered thunderstorms are forecast to return across the country’s east with the Met office issuing a yellow warning for the weekend.

The Environment Agency has 11 flood alerts  in place throughout parts of London, Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire, meaning flooding is possible.

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