More than 600,000 ‘pinged’ by NHS Covid app last week

More than 600,000 ‘pinged’ by NHS Covid app last week

Data shows 618,903 isolation alerts were sent out across the UK last week, a 17% rise from the previous week.

App users in England received 607,486 alertsĀ  in the period between 8 and 15 July and 11,417 being sent in Wales.

Businesses are complaining that the alerts are causing serious staff shortages which has a large affect service.

Self-isolation for those who are pinged will be scrapped from 16 August if they are fully vaccinated.

The app alert is advisory and not enforced by law unlike a phone call from the Test and Trace team.

Latest government figures show there are a further 44,104 daily coronavirus cases in the UK, with 73 coronavirus-related deaths.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson warned cases could rise even more this week, as most legal restrictions have ended in England.

There were fewer app pings per case in England during this period, with 2.8 pings issued per every reported coronavirus case.


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