Price hikes expected as supermarket shortages hit record highs

price hikes food shortages

Price hikes expected as supermarket shortages hit record highs

Supermarkets across the nation have faced record-high food shortages in recent months which will likely cause spikes in food prices.

On top of this, driver shortages and Brexit terms are also expected to impact supermarkets and their shoppers.

Supermarket bosses claim that price hikes will be the result of the food shortages that have been at their worst in recent months as empty shelves can be spotted in shops across the UK.

There are also worries that this will affect the produce available as far away as Christmas time.

Sparse numbers of HGV (heavy goods vehicle) drivers have made it harder for supermarket bosses to receive the levels of produce that they need to satisfy customers.

This has caused the annual salary for these kinds of drivers to skyrocket which is expected to impact customers soon.

Managing Director for Denby Transport Peter Denby once told Lincolnshire Live: “We are experiencing some difficulty ourselves but the industry as a whole is pretty much in a state of crisis.

“You’ve got the fact that the population of lorry drivers has been an increasingly ageing one for a number of years and in a nutshell, there are barely any young people coming into the industry.

“Then you’ve got what is happening with coronavirus and a lot has been written about the so-called ‘pingdemic’.”

The cancellation of driving tests during recent lockdowns also impacted the amount of drivers that could get on the road.

But it is not just supermarkets that have been impacted; fast food and bakery chains have also been hit with shortages, one of the most recent being for chicken.

Manufacturers and meat packers/processors have also lost their jobs due to the lack of work.

It is unclear what the government’s plans are long term to tackle these issues, but workers hope that business relationships can be reformed with the EU to ease the strain on all the companies affected at this time.

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