“Highly organised gang” allegedly operating from Carr Lane allotments

Carr Lane allotments

“Highly organised gang” allegedly operating from Carr Lane allotments

A resident of Beeley Road in Grimsby has alleged that a “highly organised gang” of thieves is operating in the area, setting up makeshift camps on the Carr Lane allotments and targeting garden sheds and vehicles at night.

The resident – who wishes to remain anonymous – claims they haven’t slept for a full week in a bid to gather information about how the “gang” operates, how many members there are, and how they move the stolen goods.

The source told Gi Media: “Initially I believed it was a nightly thing, but my research has shown it is not. They have built makeshift camps by the shelters in the trees on our boundary in Carr Lane allotments.

“I have seen six members on foot. They communicate through a low whistle to each other.

“They are dressed in dark clothing and have night vision binoculars and goggles. They have one keeping watch from the back in the trees, while two on each side of the road try vehicles.

“They then communicate by a change of whistling if they find something or someone disturbs them.

“In the meantime, other members will crawl over the back garden fences.

“There are vehicles that come at high speed throughout the night to collect the stolen items, so if they were stopped and searched, it would be to no avail.”

The resident said when they have reported incidents to Humberside Police in the past, they were told: ‘It’s only garden sheds, not high crime’.

They continued: “In the officer’s defence, the thieves have the upper hand as there are lots of exits and it makes excellent conditions for running and hiding in order for the police to catch them from the allotments.”

According to the source, they have also contacted ward councillors in a bid to have the trees cut to a “reasonable height” to stop the gang from operating successfully – but were told that this isn’t cost-effective.

“It’s had a huge impact on our lives. I’m tired often, and anxious,” the resident said.

“We are not the only street targeted – it’s the properties that border this allotment. I don’t want the allotments to go, but someone has to do something because it’s so poorly lit.”

Humberside Police and North East Lincolnshire Council have been contacted for comment on the matter.

A North East Lincolnshire Council spokesperson said: “We have not received any reports from residents or allotment holders reporting trespassers at night at the Carr Lane allotments. We work closely with our allotment representatives and they are not aware of any recent incidents either.

“We have also not had any reports from the local PCSO or Humberside Police of unusual activity on the site in the last couple of weeks.

“Please email [email protected] or call (01472) 326289, option 3, then option 4 if you have any queries regarding your allotment. If a crime has been committed and is not an emergency, please call the police on 101.”

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