Woman left “helpless” after being “ignored” as she shouted for help at Grimsby A&E department

Grimsby A&E

Woman left “helpless” after being “ignored” as she shouted for help at Grimsby A&E department

A woman was left feeling “upset and helpless” after she claims no member of staff came to help her when she was shouting for help and crying at the Grimsby A&E department at Diana, Princess of Wales Hospital.

Jade, 27, brought her nine-week-old daughter to the department yesterday (Thursday 14 October) because she was vomiting repeatedly and not accepting her bottles of milk.

During their four-and-a-half hour wait in the seating area, Jade said her daughter vomited a further three times.

She told Gi Media: “The lady next to me, who brought her son in, offered to help me clean it up and helped me several times with my pushchair. I rushed to the toilet with my daughter to clean her up and change her.

“My daughter was then sick again before I could even finish getting her changed. It was everywhere and I needed help to clean it up so I opened the door and shouted for help and everyone ignored me.

“Everyone except this lovely elderly lady who saw me struggling and crying.

“She walked with her walking stick to the reception desk and finally a a receptionist came to help me. The receptionist said that she heard me shouting but thought I was being helped even though I was still shouting and crying.

“Finally, everything was cleared up and my daughter was settled and then we waited in the reception area to be seen.”

Jade said the entire experience left her feeling “alone”.

“It made me feel very upset and helpless. They made me feel like I was alone even though I was shouting for help,” she said.

“They say they are here to help but they really didn’t display this yesterday. I was already upset that my daughter was ill, let alone my experience.”

After the Northern Lincolnshire & Goole NHS Foundation Trust were contacted for comment on the matter, Jo Loughborough, Lead Nurse for Patient Experience, said: “Our intention is that all our patients have a positive experience using our Trust services, and during the current pressures our hard working staff continue to try and ensure this is the case.

“We would invite the patient’s mother to make contact with our PALS team on 03033 306518 or [email protected] so we can investigate this matter further.”

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