Grant Street car park set for £3.4million expansion

Grant Street car park set for £3.4million expansion

North East Lincolnshire Council’s cabinet are set to consider a project to expand the Grant Street car park in a project costing more than £3.4million.

The project is set to build a single-storey extension at Grant Street car park, which would create an additional 268 spaces.

It would also create an extra 15-20 ‘blue badge’ spaces and plans are also to build an electric vehicle charging hub.

This is despite a report by transport consultants earlier this year expressing concern in the lack of EV chargepoints, saying there would need to be a “significant increase” of them in the area.

Funding options are set to be debated on 1 December and proposals will also be discussed on 18 November.

Should funding be decided upon, the work would begin in the Autumn or Winter to “minimise disruption”.

The report does not seem to consider the environmental impact of enticing over 200 more cars into the area, with only one more EV charging hub, despite the use of these vehicles growing year-on-year.

The report cites a reduction to traffic congestion as it’s main saying:

“Overall, the project increases car parking provision in the resort it is a much-needed measure to reduce traffic congestion and parking on residential streets which will improve local air quality and reduce carbon emissions.”

The council are also looking at a Park and Ride system but the report is keen to bat away this idea, stating “the requirement for substantial and on-going costs to the Council make it not feasible in the foreseeable future”.

These costs are estimated at £200,000 per year alongside an initial £3million initial build price.

Is it estimated that the car park would generate £169,000 of car parking income per year.

A large portion of this income would come from the 80-90 per cent increase in car parking demand in the area between May and September.

There are also plans to revamp the entrance of the car park to make it more attractive for people, most of whom will be tourists, which does little to join a wider central government plea for people to reduce the use of their vehicles.

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