Environmental headache in NEL with record-low amount of trees

Environmental headache in NEL with record-low amount of trees

A ward in Cleethorpes has been reported as having the lowest amount of trees in the country.

Sidney Sussex in Cleethorpes has just a two per cent tree coverage, according to a new report given to North East Lincolnshire Council.

In the borough there is just a total of 10.5 per cent of tree canopy coverage, while the national average is 15.8 per cent.

However, this national average is still lagging considerably behind the European average which sits at 35 per cent.

In Spring, the council were invited to bid for a government-backed Treescape Fund which intended to increase the amount of natural green space in the country.

It wished to establish trees in non-woodland settings such as  riverbanks, hedgerows, parklands, urban areas, beside roads and footpaths, in copses and shelterbelts, plus  neglected, disused and vacant community spaces.

It is not known whether North East Lincolnshire Council accepted the invitation.

COP26 has put the importance of the environment in the public domain more than ever and the lack of greenery in the local area has begun to make people ask questions.

The report to the council states:  “Trees can provide significant heat reduction benefits through shading, make a significant contribution to carbon sequestration and storage, and reduce the impact of sudden rainfall.

“For these reasons more tree planting, alongside the protection of our existing tree population will make a positive contribution to reaching net zero carbon emissions.

“This enthusiasm must be backed up by sound advice on getting the right trees for the right locations and making sure that maintenance is considered, too.”

The council document seems to defer any calls to action however, saying: “Public response to trees can be difficult to manage. Some dislike trees.

“We need to promote the significant benefits that trees have on our society and enable a balanced view to be heard.

“We are in the early stages of developing a Tree Strategy.

“This will provide a strategic framework for the management of the local tree population to achieve agreed aims and objectives.

“Engaging with landowners will be the key to increasing canopy coverage and achieving net zero carbon.

“We need to communicate grant incentive opportunities to landowners.”

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