Gambling problems in NEL among highest rates in country

Gambling problems in North East Lincolnshire among highest rates in country

It is thought that there are 642 ‘problem gamblers’ in the borough, meaning that they have been hurt personally and financially by their gambling and that they may lose control, according to a council report.

A further 1,028 people suffer some problems but to a less extent than the ‘problem gamblers’.

The Gambling Commission claims that gambling participation rates in the Yorkshire and Humber are the second highest in the country.

Online gambling has become the most popular platform of betting, making up 40 per cent of all activity, with people using online casino slots or sports betting.

This means that the problem of gambling has continued to prevail in society, despite over a quarter of physical bookmakers disappearing from 2015.

“There is evidence of a reduction in the presence of physical high street betting shops within North East Lincolnshire, this reflects the national picture and may be the start of further changes in the local market,” the report says.

It is thought that 31 per cent of people in North East Lincolnshire are gambling at least once per week.

The problem is also rising at an alarming rate for young people as loot boxes have blurred the lines between gambling and gaming.

The report claims that 1.7 per cent of boys between the ages of 11 to 16 have a gambling problem.

Of those asked, 52 per cent knew about in-game items that can be bought and 44 per cent of those had paid for loot boxes or packs.

The report suggests that further education about the risks of gambling should be given to members of the public, saying:

“Taking a public health approach it should also include education and awareness raising on gambling harms in schools, across the whole population, and among the wider public health workforce.

“Although gambling has been introduced as part of the national learning curriculum since 2020, this should not be restricted to under 18s.

“Calderdale Citizens Advice has been commissioned to deliver gambling harms training to frontline staff in Local Authorities in Yorkshire and the Humber including North Lincolnshire Council.”

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