How to stop the drink driving problem in football

How to stop the drink driving problem in football

Earlier this week, it was revealed that Grimsby Town defender Ryan Sears has added himself to the long list of sports stars who have been banned from driving for drink driving.

Grimsby Town Football Club declared that the incident would be “dealt with internally” after the 22-year-old pleaded guilty to the charge and was handed a two-year road ban and 120 hours of community service.

The full back didn’t travel to the defeat at Solihull Moors on Tuesday and it is yet to be seen how his return to the side will be treated by fans.

The disappointment is palpable in the reaction, however the shock is almost non-existent, and that proves just how desensitised we all are to athletes acting irresponsibly and being caught for it.

Earlier in the year, Premier League players Ashley Barnes and Jean-Philippe Gbamin were both guilty of the same offence, with the latter receiving a £25,000 fine.

As a footballer, there is an added pressure of the public spotlight as kids look up to you, living their dream in a sense.

This particular situation isn’t as bad as the infamous incident in 2019 featuring Derby County players Tom Lawrence, Mason Bennett and Richard Keogh.

There were calls for all three to be sacked by the club, and the latter was, despite not being behind the wheel and sustaining a 15-month knee injury as a result of the drink-induced collision.

Keogh received £2.3 million in compensation for the sacking, while Lawrence and Bennett were both fined for their involvement.

Tom Lawrence, who now captains The Rams, issued an apology after the incident and all seems to have been forgiven, but should players be educated from a younger age to avoid these incidents.

THINK! often uses football clubs to help engage children about the importance of road safety, however maybe they should dedicate some time to educate young players from the academy level to regular reminders for the first team.