Wetland habitat to be built in Grimsby

Wetland habitat to be built in Grimsby

Plans for a new wetland bird habitat on the outskirts of Grimsby have been given the green-light, it has been confirmed.

Two fields adjacent off Moody Lane will be used to facilitate a habitat lagoon, shallow scrapes and ponds, bird hides, and a bridge.

It is hoped that local and migrating bird species will use the site to roost.

Work to create the 35-acre nature reserve is expected to begin soon.

The site will located near to the Novartis factory and become known as Novartis Ings.

Once developed, the habitat will be overseen by Rachel Graham, ecology chief at North East Lincolnshire Council.

Discussing the plans, she said: “When you look at what has been achieved at Cress Marsh, its scale and size and the bird and wildlife we are attracting, it makes the prospect of developing Novartis Ings extremely exciting”.

Project Consultant Roger Wardle added: “There will be a mosaic of wet grassland, scrapes, pools and a lagoon.

“The objective is to provide roosting areas that provide the birds’ needs for a feeling of security from disturbance and predation.

“This security is enhanced by the water  features, many surrounding a marooned area of gravel or wet grassland and mud.

“There is also a high probability of other bird and biodiversity benefits.”

Work should be complete by Christmas 2022.

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