Backlash after alterations to holiday bin collections


Backlash after alterations to holiday bin collections

A number of households across North East Lincolnshire have experienced changes to their waste collection schedule over the festive period, with delays continuing this Bank Holiday Monday.

Some households can expect to have their bins or boxes emptied on a different day than usual.

North East Lincolnshire Council have confirmed that all collections scheduled for Monday 3 January will instead take place on Tuesday 4 January.

Those scheduled from Tuesday 4 January are expected to take place either on time or the following day.

Councillor Swinburn continued: “Christmas is the busiest time of year for our crews, they deal with much more waste and recycling than they usually do.

“Please be patient. Our staff will do everything they can to cope with the extra demand, but the impact of the coronavirus pandemic and other problems such as bad weather could cause some disruption.”

These dates remain subject to change, and collections could be delayed by an additional day or two.

If the crews don’t get to you on the dates listed, please take in your bins or boxes and put them out before 7 am the next collection day.

North East Lincolnshire Council have issued multiple appeals over the Christmas holidays, urging residents not to fly-tip their waste near to overflowing community bins.

But residents have argued back, stating that the council should be aware that most people have additional waste over Christmas, and should organise additional collections.

One resident said: “The council should plan an extra collection at Christmas, the same thing happens every year, and it costs them a lot more to clean up than to plan an extra collection.”

“Well if they emptied the bin more then twice a month and allowed you to go to the tip more than once per day they wouldn’t have to clean it up from the streets. Surely we pay enough in council tax,” added another.

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