Nine new driving laws to be introduced in England this year

driving laws

Nine new driving laws to be introduced in England this year

Nine new driving laws are set to be introduced in 2022 in order to iron out any loopholes and make the roads safer for everyone.

Laws involving mobile phones, cyclists, The Highway Code and more are set to change.

1. Motorists cannot touch their phones at all whilst behind the wheel

The new rule is set to come into effect early this year in order to eradicate a loophole which currently allows motorists to swerve fines and points on their licences after breaking the law.

The current law only punishes people using mobiles for ‘interactive communication’, not for those who record videos, take photographs or scroll through music playlists.

2. Cyclists and pedestrians will have priority over motorists at junctions 

The new driving law will be implemented as soon as Saturday 29 January if it receives approval from parliament.

If successful, the Highway Code will create a new hierarchy for road users which will protect vulnerable people on the roads.

Motorists will not be allowed to cross the paths of cyclists or horse riders and will have to wait for pedestrians to cross at junctions or crossings before carrying on with their journey.

3. All councils will be able to fine motorists for minor traffic offences

By spring 2022, the new rule will ensure that all minor traffic offences are punished with fines of up to £70 per crime.

This includes offences like: illegal turns, driving in ‘no entry’ zones, driving down one-way streets the wrong way, illegal U-turns, stopping in box junctions, driving in cycle lanes and failing to give way to oncoming traffic.

4. Nurses may be able to prevent unfit individuals from driving

All drivers must meet the medical standards in place to determine people’s fitness to drive.

Currently, only GPs can prevent unfit motorists from driving on England’s roads.

5. Motorists may be banned from parking on pavements

No decision has been made regarding this driving law yet, but talks may take place this year in order to benefit parents with pushchairs, people with limited mobility and those who rely on seeing-eye dogs.

6. Self-driving cars will be allowed on England’s motorways

The new driving law is predicted to come into effect in spring 2022.

The built-in systems will be able to keep vehicles within lanes – or allow them to change lanes – without assistance, but the driver must still be fully aware of their surroundings at all times when driving and be ready to take charge if necessary.

7. All new homes and offices built in 2022 will have charging points for electric cars

The new rule will apply to newly built homes, supermarkets and workplaces from this year onwards.

8. All new cars will have ‘Intelligent Speed Assistance’ speed limiters

From Wednesday 6 July, GPS systems will be able to determine the speed limit on each road and will ensure that the motorist follows the rules.

All models sold as new before the start date will have to be updated by Sunday 7 July 2024.

9. More Clean Air Zones for city centres which will charge motorists to enter

From February this year, more Clean Air Zones will be introduced in city centres to fight building emissions in the atmosphere.

This means that certain vehicles that do not meet the required emission standards will be charged at least £10 or considerably more to enter city centres.

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