Fox ‘fighting for its life’ after being poisoned

Fox ‘fighting for its life’ after being poisoned

A fox is currently fighting for its life in an intensive care unit after a suspected poisoning.

The rescue team from Cleethorpes shared how they received a call about a fox that was walking in circles, setting off their concern.

Although the fox was out of their usual response area, the team attended a garden where the fox had sadly collapsed.

Despite being unconscious, the fox was still ‘fighting for its life’ as the team ushered it to the vets.

Although they haven’t confirmed what happened to the fox, they suspect that it was poisoned by toxin or poison.

It is not clear if the poison was placed deliberately or if it was an accident.

Cleethorpes Wildlife Rescue said: “This year we’ve seen an increase in calls regarding foxes and as one of the few rescues locally that has the capacity (although limited spaces) for foxes, we do our best to assist as many as we can.

“Even though this one was slightly out of our usual response area, we knew something wasn’t right by the reports of it walking in circles… on arrival, it had collapsed in the garden but was still fighting for its life both on scene and at the vets… due to the risk of bites, the vet had to use a muzzle for their protection but do not worry, this was only short term, we avoid them as much as we can!

“Its currently being given the best chance in the intensive care unit and is being treated for suspected Toxin/Poison (not to say this was deliberate).”

The rescue centre takes care of and rehabilitates many animals each year, from foxes to seals to swans.

They currently have a snowy owl, Snowflake, in their aviary who is slowly starting to recover.

Snowflake was brought in very underweight and in bad health, something not uncommon due to the cold weather.

Thankfully, Snowflake is now back to his full weight and health, he will spend some time in the aviary before being released back into the wild.

(Image: Cleethorpes Wildlife Rescue)

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