Woman moved by random gentleman’s’ ‘lovely’ act of kindness

Woman moved by random gentleman’s ‘lovely’ act of kindness

A Grimsby woman has shared how one random gentleman’s selfless act of kindness ‘made [her] day.’

Lisa Diable took to Facebook to share her experience, writing in the Haverstoe Ward Forum that an unknown gentleman had knocked on her door to give her £20 for ‘fish & chips and good health.’

When she asked if they knew each other, the gentleman said ‘not at all’ before leaving her drive to head down Cromwell Road.

Speaking to Gi Media, Lisa said: “I was cooking tea on Monday night and the doorbell rang. I went to answer it and a man with a bobble hat and shorts on put some money in my hand and said fish & chips on me and good health.

“I was really taken aback but asked him if I knew him and he said no not at all and good health and thanked him, he hurried out of my drive and went down Cromwell Road when I went in it was a twenty-pound note.

“What a lovely thing to do as it made my day. I have decided to use the money to do I kind deed to someone when I am able to.”

Other local residents commented on the Facebook post, stating that they had shared a similar experience with the unknown man.

One local commented: “He’s been doing it for the last few days, just a guy who wants to go around and make random people’s days.”

Another said: “I did ask the man what he was doing it for and he said I’m just paying back an act of kindness.

“It’s very strange, especially nowadays for someone to turn up and give you money but it also came at a moment where an act of kindness towards me and family was just lovely (it’s been a very hard few days).

“So if your reading this, thank you very much we shall pass on your kindness when we are able to.”

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