Council responds to holiday cottage’s ‘battle’ to keep Cleethorpes clean

Cleethorpes clean

Council responds to holiday cottage’s ‘battle’ to keep Cleethorpes clean

North East Lincolnshire Council has responded to claims by a local holiday cottage that they have been battling to keep Cleethorpes’ side streets clean for the past 15 years to no avail.

The cottage’s owner expressed their frustration about an ‘ongoing battle’ that they had been having with the council to get them to clean the rear of Knoll Street after dirt and litter had piled up to a point where it had begun blocking the drains.

Cleethorpes clean

It now appears that the council has seen their pleas for action to keep Cleethorpes clean and has cleared up the area.

In their original statement on social media, Newbee Cottage wrote: “Council workers and the local police continually use this area as a thoroughfare yet ignore this building up, now to the point of blocked, overflowing drains.”

They added: “I have reported it yet again, but it feels like a losing battle when the building manager can’t even keep this from happening or even do something when it does.”

Speaking to Gi Media, Teresa Newby, the owner of Newbee Cottage, had said: “I’ve had to battle the council for the last 15 years regarding this area and a small plot of land directly next to the holiday cottage.

“It’s a constant stream of fly-tipping and the council workers literally smoking under the no smoking sign and littering the residential area with cigarette ends.”

Cleethorpes clean

She added: “I’ve even been verbally abused for asking someone to not smoke there, (as it looks terrible and creates a mess).

“I know most of the residents and they’re all fed up with the affect it has on Oole Rd.”

Once the council was made aware of the issue on Wednesday 5 January, they reportedly took action.

A North East Lincolnshire Council spokesperson said: “We were made aware of reports of a blocked drain and a build-up of leaves in the area to the rear of the Civic Offices in Cleethorpes [on Wednesday 5 January] and sent a team to clear up the area and unblock the drain.

“A replacement drain cover has been ordered which should prevent a recurrence.”

“We have also issued a reminder to staff that smoking is not allowed on Council property.

“If residents spot an issue like litter or a blocked gulley, they can report it via our website at”

(Images: Newbee Cottage / Teresa Newby)

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