Residents rage over proposed housing development in Scartho

Residents rage over proposed housing development in Scartho

Many residents have voiced strong objections to plans to a new housing development on a greenfield site at Scartho Top in Grimsby.

The plans are being spearheaded by Persimmon Homes, one of the largest housing developers in Britain.

Scartho Top is also expecting a new Aldi superstore to be built in the area and many residents have voiced concerns that both projects would increase traffic congestion.

One neighbour said: “The congestion leading in and out of Scartho Top is already beyond extreme, these
houses will lead to more congestion on Scartho Road which is already too much.

“The Aldi and the carehome is already going to increase the traffic flow daily again leads to the
traffic situation.”

Another resident added to these concerns saying that there is “only one route in and out of Scartho Top leading from one of the main roads in the town the surrounding area can not facility the increase in traffic.”

One neighbour warned that such proposals could create a “permanent gridlock” on Scartho Road.

While another expressed concern over the number of developments which have occurred in the area over the years, saying: “I have lived in Scartho since 1967, and have seen Scartho getting too built up and roads not fit for purpose.”

Persimmon Homes include a travel plan in their application which states it has the intention to “introduce a series of measures which will enable the residents to seek out suitable bus or rail transport or join a car sharing scheme to reduce the single occupancy travel to as low as possible.”

Other residents have voiced concerns over the lost greenery, as one resident says: “There is no mention of what will be done to off set the loss of green space and bio diversity as a result of this scheme.

“The loss of hedgerows are not compensated by the retention of a few of the boundary hedges.”

The environment agency declined to comment on the application.

In 2019, Persimmon Homes were featured in a Channel 4 Dispatches documentary called “Britain’s New Build Scandal”.

They subsequently apologised, saying: “we fully accept that on too many occasions in the past we have fallen short” adding “We can and will do better”.

North East Lincolnshire Council are still reviewing the application.