Next cuts sick pay for unvaccinated staff members

sick pay unvaccinated staff

Next cuts sick pay for unvaccinated staff members

Next has reportedly cut their sick pay for unvaccinated staff members who are forced to self-isolate if they are exposed to anybody who has Covid.

The news comes after Ikea announced a similar plan in order to encourage people to get vaccinated and limit staff shortages caused by the Omicron variant.

Currently, Next continues to pay unvaccinated staff members sick pay if they test positive for Covid.

However, if they are forced to self-isolate because they have come into contact with somebody with the virus, then they may now receive only the Statutory Sick Pay minimum: £96.35 a week.

The decision was made after self-isolation guidelines changed for vaccinated individuals at the end of 2021.

Those who are double-jabbed now do not have to isolate if exposed to somebody with a positive case.

Unvaccinated people must still self-isolate for 10 full days, but some businesses are now deciding that they should not pay the price for their decisions.

In order to not lost further money, Next also recently had to put up their prices to deal with higher wage and manufacturing costs.

According to the BBC, the retailer claimed that their spring/summer clothing and homeware range prices would rise by 3.7 percent whilst their autumn/winter goods will increase by six percent.

They are also factoring in the possibility of sales dropping due to the sudden financial issues households are facing.

Energy bills, food prices and more are due to rise further in 2022.

Sick pay cuts have also hit Wessex Water and many US residents have been faced with fines for not taking the vaccines.

Many major UK supermarkets and Amazon have not changed their policies, however.

Staff shortages may be solved if companies decide to hire overseas workers and pay a ‘visa tax’, the BBC reported.

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