North Lincolnshire Council issues littering fines to over 1,800 people

littering fines

North Lincolnshire Council issues littering fines to over 1,800 people

Over 1,800 people in North Lincolnshire have received £150 littering fines from the local council since the start of a new scheme established in November 2021.

Individuals who refused to pay their fines ended up paying four times as much (£644) after appearing in court.

However, those who paid the fines within 28 days had them reduced to just £100.

1,846 fines were handed out altogether, but over 130 people ignored them and were taken to Doncaster Magistrates’ Court, the BBC reported.

117 fines were issued in October 2021 alone, a total sum of over £10,000.

Rob Waltham, leader of North Lincolnshire Council, said: “Picking up other people’s rubbish costs us more than £1m a year, which is why I am determined to make the litter louts pay.

“The council has just invested in dozens of brand-new bins for town centres, roads and lay-bys across the region – there is simply no excuse for dropping litter.”

“We also have an army of volunteer litter-pickers who give up their time to clean up their local communities so everyone can enjoy them – they deserve our thanks and support.

“If you can’t find a bin the answer is simple – take your rubbish home.

“If you don’t, we will fine you.

“And I would urge anyone who sees someone else dropping litter, chucking it out of a car or fly-tipping to record it on their phones and upload it to our online fly-tipping portal – we’ll do everything we can to track down the dumpers.”

The council also revealed that most of the fines were issued in Scunthorpe, followed by Brigg, Barton and Broughton.

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