Seal pup spotted near Grimsby town centre

seal pup

Seal pup spotted near Grimsby town centre

Humber Police in Grimsby responded to reports of a seal pup that had travelled inland and was heading towards the town centre last night at 3:44am.

It was found outside the new Wilkin and Chapman building.

Concerned officers spotted the small seal and carefully tracked the mammal before handing it over to Cleethorpes Wildlife Rescue.

The seal pup is due to be taken to Mablethorpe Seal Sanctuary where it will be properly cared for long term.

Reports suggest that it was not injured during its short adventure.

The local charity indicated that the seal pup may have gotten into the situation by travelling a long way down the River Freshney.

A spokesperson for Humberside Police said: “This morning, we received a report of a seal near the town centre.

“Unfortunately, the seal didn’t want to hang around, resulting in one of our slower pursuits.

“Happily, a local charity were able to help out and took our unofficial mascot to a Skegness sanctuary.”

A spokesperson for Cleethorpes Wildlife Rescue added: “We was called to Grimsby town centre by Humberside Police at 03:44 this morning for a small seal outside the new Wilkin and Chapman building!

“How it managed to find its way to this location is a complete mystery but it’s lucky that it was the police who had spotted it!

“As sanctuaries aren’t open at 4am and the area it was in was too dangerous for it to be left, the only option was for it to come back with us to the rescue until more suitable long-term sanctuaries could be arranged.

“Thankfully, we’ve just got the call and it’s got the allocation to Mablethorpe Seal Sanctuary.

“We’ve brought seals to this sanctuary before and know it’ll be in great hands!

“We will update once we arrive!”

(Image: Humberside Police)

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