Downing Street apologises to Queen over parties


Downing Street apologises to Queen over parties

Downing Street has issued an apology to the Queen after it emerged this morning that staff held two parties on the eve of Prince Phillips funeral.

Many have been left outraged by this information, claiming that it’s ‘outrageous’ that Downing street staff were holding yet another party while the Queen had to sit alone at her husbands funeral.

The PM’s spokesman said it was “deeply regrettable that this took place at a time of national mourning”.

They added Boris Johnson has “recognised No 10 should be held to the highest standards and take responsibility for things we did not get right.”

When asked why Mr Johnson hasn’t apologised himself the spokesperson told the BBC: “Well, again, the prime minister said earlier misjudgments have been made and it’s right people apologise, as the PM did earlier this week.”

At the time of the event, 16 April 2021, Covid restrictions banned indoor mixing.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson was not at either party but it has raised further questions about the numerous instances of rule-breaking at Downing Street.

One of the events on 16 April was a leaving party for the PM’s then director of communications James Slack and the other was held in the basement for one of the PM’s personal photographers.

Boris Johnson is already facing calls to resign after he admitted to attending the garden party held at Downing Street in May 2020.

The two parties have been added to the list of parties in government buildings being investigated by senior civil servant Susan Gray.

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