Paramedics praised for humorous TikTok video

paramedics TikTok video

Paramedics praised for humorous TikTok video

Two paramedics have received masses of praise for their humour and energy during the pandemic as they made a TikTok video in the back of an ambulance last month.

During the difficult time, Chris Pullar (@landrovermedic) uploaded a TikTok video for his 184,000 plus followers on Wednesday 15 December 2021.

Chris is a former firefighter and currently works for the Healthcare and Transport Services (HATS) Group.

The TikTok video shows Chris dancing in the back of an ambulance with a co-worker in order to give the public a light-hearted moment to remember.

The paramedics danced to Rod Stewart’s ‘Do Ya Think I’m Sexy’, captioning the video ‘Why not eh?’.

It received over 1.5 million views in under a month.

Many praised the men for enjoying their break from work by bringing smiles to people’s faces, but not everybody was pleased.

The pair also received a large amount of backlash for posting the TikTok video.

Some claimed that it was unprofessional and that they should be working.

They laid blame on the pair regarding why ambulances are often so late.

However, others defended the paramedics by stating that they are entitled to breaks, especially with how hardworking they must be in to do such a job.

One user in the comments section said: “People in the comments clearly don’t understand what staff breaks are.”

Another added: “Your job is so damn hard, well done boys and girls.”

Others praised Chris for enjoying his life and displaying how joyous and fun paramedics can be.

(TikTok/Image: Chris Pullar / @landrovermedic)

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