Tollbar Academy places over 100 girls in isolation over ‘incorrect uniform’

Tollbar Academy places over 100 girls in isolation over ‘incorrect uniform’

Parents and pupils alike have been left furious after 105 female students were placed in isolation over what Tollbar Academy deemed ‘incorrect uniform.’

On Tuesday (11 January) the female students were stopped by various members of staff due to not having the right trousers or footwear.

Girls across the five year groups were told they had only one day to ‘correct’ their uniforms, something parents have found infuriating.

As many students were unable to buy new uniforms within 24 hours, 105 girls were sent into isolation for two days instead of attending normal lessons.

When students are placed in isolation they are given workbooks to work out of rather than attending and learning through normal timetabled lessons. Isolation is typically used for students with behavioural issues.

One frustrated parent told Gi Media: “Parents were told their kids will stay in isolation until parents buy new clothing. It’s disgusting when children have already lost so much time and parents are feeling the pinch.

“This is Grimsby, not London. Money is tight and this school has no interest in providing education at a key time for some students.”

Many years 11 students are starting to feel the pressure as their GCSE exams come ever closer, meaning more time revising in preparation.

Parents and pupils are outraged that they will be taken out of lessons at a time when all their attention should be on learning, not wearing the correct shoes.

Another source told Gi Media that all students in isolation across the different year groups were told to do the same workbook, despite each year group obviously being at a different place in their learning.

Some students were even left in school hallways for up to 40 minutes while senior teachers pulled students out of lessons over their uniforms.

Male students were also pulled out of lessons but according to sources they weren’t dealt with as strictly as the female students.

We have contacted Tollbar Academy for a statement regarding this issue and updates will follow.

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