Locals furious after teenagers ‘beat up’ elderly gentleman in night of terror


Locals furious after teenagers ‘beat up’ elderly gentleman in night of teror

Residents in Cleethorpes have been left shaken and furious after a gang of teenagers caused havoc before beating up an elderly gentleman in Cleethorpes.

One witness told Gi Media that there had been multiple incidents involving the same group of teenagers throughout yesteday and into the evening (16 January).

In one incident at roughly 7 pm near The Foundry in Cleethorpes, one of the teenagers hit an elderly gentleman who tried defending himself. The rest of the group then ‘swarmed’ the elderly man before two security guards and witnesses came to the man’s aid.

According to reports, the youths found the same gentleman again later in the evening near Cleethorpes arcades when they once again attacked him.

The group ‘punched and pushed him back to the ground’ before spitting on him.

One of the group, a young female. ‘proudly’ told a witness that she had ‘been released from the cells that day.’

The group was apparently made up of teenagers of various ages, with the youngest suspected to be only nine or ten years old.

Another resident shared their experince with the group, stating that at roughly 5:30 pm on the same day two of the group had almost rode their bikes into him near Cleethorpes Leisure Centre before swerving at the last moment.

One of the boys spat at the passerby as another ‘punched [him] in the arm’ as he rode past.

Many have been left furious by the incidents, with one local stating: “The annoying thing is they’ll get a slap on the wrist and no further action will be taken, it’s a joke. I hope the gentleman is okay.”

Witnesses said that officers attended the scene at at roughly 7:30 pm in response to the multiple incidents.

According to lcoals these are not isolated incidents as the youths have harrassed elderly members of public in the past including spitting, punching and causing genral harm.

They have also reportedly caused damage to vehciles and terroised staff and businesses down St Peter’s Avenue.

A police log has now been created recording all incidents. If you or anyone you know has had an issue with this group or any further information please contact Humberside Police on 101 quoting log 2022-01-16/ 0366

We have contacted Humberside Police for a statement.

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