Blundell Park fanzone gets a makeover with fantastic new mural

Blundell Park fanzone gets a makeover with fantastic new mural

The fanzone at Grimsby Town’s Blundell Park stadium is currently getting a makeover with a brand new mural as part of the Paint the Town Proud project.

The mural, named ‘Mariner’s Legends’, is currently being created by a team of artists lead by Kev Atkins and Sam Delaney.

After some delays due to unfortunate weather conditions, work has resumed on the mural, with the amazing scene starting to take shape.

As part of the projects Collabortaive Festure Murals, Mariner’s Legends will be one of multiple murals across the town depicting fishing scenes or iconic trawlers with digital augmented reality experience which will ‘take the audeince into the moment, feeling, and experiencing the scene with more impact.’

Alongside the murals will be a digital trail of the locations with built in storytelling and soundscape to take audiences on ‘a journey physically and virtually into the history of the town and its people’.

(Image: Photography By Olivia Collis)

The Culture House and Creative Start have teamed up for the project produce amazing new artwork, short films and even the new Memory Lane podcast.

The project aims to celebrate Grimsby’s culture and heritage over the next 18 months through exciting collaborations with local and international artists.

Speaking to Gi Media, Beck Darnell who is the Project Manager for Paint the Town Proud said that the aim of the project is to “broaden the audience for local heritage and to get people to enjoy their local heritage and culture.”

When asked why projects such as this are so important Becky said: “Behaviour breeds behaviour so the aim is that people look to be more creative.

“It’s also about educating people about heritage in the area so artwork designed for everyday passers-by will help them appreciate where they’re from.”

Recently, Paint the Town Proud created some jet wash artwork in collaboration with North East Licnolnshire Council’s LOVE Grimsby campaign.

(Images: Photography by Olivia Collis)

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