Experts rule out Immingham ‘earthquake’


Experts rule out Immingham ‘earthquake’

Residents of Immighma were woken around midnight last night after hearing a loud noise, with many assuming it was an earthquake.

The British Geological Survey is now dismissing reports of an earthquake the region as there is no evidence of a disturbance, of any kind, was detected by its network last night.

It has also told BBC Radio Humberside that the UK experiences up to 300 small earthquakes every year but 90% of them are so small that they’re not noticed by the public.

Many have been left confused as to where the sound orginated from.

Some residents were adamant that the sound was an earthquake but others claimed they didn’t hear the sound at all.

One residents wrote: “I heard a loud rumbling sound that lasted for 15 seconds, at first I thought it was a jet, but when I opened my door it sounded like it came from the refinery/Dock area.”

Another wrote: “I heard it. Thought it was low flying jets or police helicopter. It was very loud.”

Updates to follow.

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