Polls predict Lia Nici to lose Grimsby seat after ‘Partygate’ defence

Polls predict Lia Nici to lose Grimsby seat after ‘Partygate’ defence

Recent polling data suggests that Great Grimsby’s first Conservative MP since 1945 is set to lose her seat after just one term.

The current Nowcast model via Election Maps UK shows the Grimsby seat being one of 136 the Tories could lose, with Labour capitalising.

Ms Nici won won the seat in 2019 with a majority of just over 7,000 votes over Labour’s Melanie Onn, but recent polling suggests the votes could swing to a 1,500 Labour majority.

It was the first time Labour had lost the seat post-war as the Conservatives won in Brexit-supporting areas on the pledge of “Getting Brexit Done”.

The polling data puts Labour just nine seats short of a majority, but in pole position to form a minority government – as the Theresa May-led Conservatives did in 2017.

Redfield & Wilton Strategies’ latest voting intentions poll sees Labour hold a 13-point advantage over the Tories – the largest lead by any party since May 2020.

It is highly unlikely that there would be a general election any time soon, but it does show a growing discontent with Boris Johnson’s government.

The Conservatives’ polling has decreased following a number scandals, including Boris Johnson’s flat refurbishment and the ongoing ‘Partygate’ episode.

Leaders of all major opposition parties, and the leader of the Scottish Conservatives have called for Boris Johnson to resign.

However, Great Grimsby MP Lia Nici defended the PM and instead called for the resignation of the senior civil servants in No 10.

Speaking to BBC Radio Humberside last week, she said that Johnson’s private secretary should “be disciplined” but added: “I can’t see that the Prime Minister did anything wrong”.

She told ITV News on Monday that Boris Johnson is a “great visionary leader” and that he has her “wholehearted support”.