Source of Immingham ‘earthquake’ explained


Source of Immingham ‘earthquake’ explained

People across Immingham and surrounding areas were woken around midnight last night after hearing a loud noise, which many initially assumed was an earthquake.

The British Geological Survey quickly dismissed the claims, confirming there had been no evidence of an earthquake or similar disturbance.

Speaking via social media, one resident wrote: “I heard a loud rumbling sound that lasted for 15 seconds, at first I thought it was a jet, but when I opened my door it sounded like it came from the refinery/Dock area.”

Another added: “I heard it. Thought it was low flying jets or police helicopter. It was very loud.”

The VPI plant in Immingham has now cleared up the origin of the noise, which was caught on camera by one resident:

According to the company, the unusual sound was in fact as a build-up of steam being released from a pressure relief valve.

The incident posed no risk to people or the environment.

A spokesperson said: “VPI Immingham would like to apologise for the disturbance to local residents caused by a loud noise emanating from the power station last night.

“This was caused by a build-up of steam which triggered a pressure relief valve to operate at the site for a short time around 23:55.

“This is an important protection device and operated as designed.

“There was no risk to any people or the environment and though it happens rarely, it does create a loud nose.

“We have reported this to the Environment Agency and will be looking at ways to prevent a recurrence in the future.”

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