Council fines Scunthorpe resident for dumping rubbish

dumping rubbish

Council fines Scunthorpe resident for dumping rubbish

A Scunthorpe resident was caught dumping rubbish next to a bin instead of inside of it and was subsequently fined £150.

The dumped rubbish was left near the bins at the Sikh temple on Frodingham Road.

The council determined that the individual had broken the law and tracked them down.

Their penalty was reduced to just £100 as it was paid early.

The culprit reportedly did not live near to the site.

“A resident who dumped a bag of rubbish next to – but not inside – bins has been fined £150.

“North Lincolnshire Council enforcement officers investigated the waste after it was left near to the bins at the Sikh temple on Frodingham Road in Scunthorpe.

“The offender – who did not live nearby – was tracked down, admitted the offence and fined.

“The £150 fixed penalty notice was reduced to £100 for early payment.”

However, some locals have raised the question of why the fine for dumping rubbish was reduced.

One commenter on social media said: “If it is a FIXED penalty of £150, why [was] it reduced!! Should be £300 and NO reduction. Doesn’t send out a [good] message, does it?”

Another wrote: “Why knock it down for early payment, they broke the law, they didn’t care.”

Their call for stricter measures comes as more and more individuals ignore cameras and dump rubbish throughout the region.

The council will continue to work towards eradicating the fly-tipping issue further in 2022.

At the end of last year alone, the council succeeded in fining over 1,800 people for littering offences and will continue this through their new scheme.

(Image: North Lincolnshire Council)

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